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The web site's opening page.
About Us
About the net. What is it?
The Beginning of NSN
Early history of the net by Bob Klepper, W7IEU.
Sheet set up for printing to be used by Net Control Stations while running the net.
Information for and about members, past and present.
The net's list of officers: Directors, Manager and Recorder .
The Net's bylaws
Operator's Manual
The net's own "how to" document.
Monthly operating data and statistics from October 2003 forward.
Training Messages
Full list of training messages used and sometimes transmitted a few at a time on the net for training purposes.
Code Ode
Original composition by VE7DWG.
Touched by the Joy
Original composition by VE7DWG.
Just the facts!
WB7CEF Bonnie Wade
VE7MMH Mike Hardie
Death Notice
Member E-mail Address List
Generates from the database a formatted line of email addresses to be used in the To or CC or BC of a message. Note: not all members have their email addresses in the database.
Site Map
This index to the web site.

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