West Coast Slow Speed Traffic Training Net - Manager: Wayne, K7EX

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Section 1

The Name of this organization is "WEST COAST SLOW SPEED NET"

Section 2

The purpose of the net is to afford an opportunity for the instruction and practice in the correct form and procedures for the transmission of message traffic by A-1 emission.

Section 3

Any amateur radio licensee who participates in five net meetings within a period of one month is eligible for membership.

Section 4

Any member of WCN listed on the roster is a voting member.

Section 5

Four members are a quorum for conducting any net business

Section 6

A board of directors governs this net. Three directors are elected from among the membership and serve for three years respectively or until a successor is elected. Any vacancy is filled by election for the remainder of that term. The Manager / Director is appointed by the three directors and serves at the pleasure of the board. Creation of offices, appointment and removal of officers, fixing of the hours, days and frequency for meeting, prescribing rules of procedure and in general the doing of all things incidental to carrying on this net are at the discretion of the board of directors. The net manager as a member of the board shall act as the executive officer in carrying out board policy.

Section 7

Members throughout the first twenty - one days of each October make nominations of directors. Voting is through the last ten days of this month. The term of office begins the following November 1.

Section 8

The manager may suspend or drop any member who without prior excuse fails to participate in at least one net meeting per week.

Section 9

Amendments may be made by vote of the directors.

Original Adaptation Sept.2, 1958

Revised Oct. 1, 1963

Second Revision Oct. 1, 1973

Third Revision Jan. 1, 1979

Fourth Revision July 17, 1982

Fifth Revision Jan. 1, 1988

Sixth revision Dec.21, 1988

Seventh Revision 1993

Eighth Revision Aug. 8, 1998

Ninth Revision Dec. 1, 2000

Tenth Revision March 21st, 2006

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